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Slimeys Quest Description


Slimey's Quest is a platform game. Slimey is a green slime dude who has a mission to complete. This is not just any mission. This is THE mission to end all missions. He is required to jump on all the red buttons and smash his enemies. If he does this right, freedom shall be guaranteed for all the Slime peoples of the planet Frookette. If he fails, his people are damned to an eternity of enslavement. Slimey must save his people. He must do it using all the jumping skills he can muster. It's up to you to assist Slimey in this game. Without your help, he is doomed. DOOMED I SAY! Don't allow this to happen. Good luck with it, set Slimey's people free!
Arrows or wasd to move Get to the switches to progress---> More >>

Rating:   75% with 4 votes
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